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Below are links to information and resources concerning domestic abuse and domestic violence. Click on link to be taken to information. Links and information are presented for informational purposes only. If you are in need, seek professional help and/or law enforcement assistance. You may also use Google search to research further if you wish.

What is Domestic Violence
Explanation of what is domestic violence at Womenslaw.org website.
What is a protective order or restraining order?
Information about what is a protective order or restraining order from Womenslaw.org website.
National Domestic Violence Hotline
NDVH Hotline: 800 799-7233 Phone: (512) 453-8117 Email: ndvh@ndvh.org Website: www.ndvh.org Open year-round, trained staff provide counseling and referral services to all, free of charge.
American Domestic Violence Crisis Line
Phone: 866-USWOMEN, (866-879-6636) Email Hotline: crisis@866uswomen.org International toll free domestic violence crisis line that abused American women & children can call by contacting the regional AT&T operator in their country of residence and ask to be connected. The crisis line operates from 10pm to 6am, Pacific Standard Time, Monday - Friday.
For victims of law enforcement spouse spousal abuse
Information by and for Survivors of Police and Firefighter Domestic Violence. Based on the professional experiences of domestic violence advocates and the personal accounts of survivors of police and firefighter domestic violence.
Military Spouse Domestic Violence and Abuse
Department of Defense Domestic Violence Task Force focuses on systemic, not case specific, changes required to strengthen the Department of Defense's comprehensive domestic violence program.
Leaving Domestic Abuse Safely
This site presents suggestions and tips for women who want to escape from abusive relationships. The site examines the cycle of abuse and discusses why women stay, while also outlining strategies and a plan of action to safely escape and plan for a financially secure and emotionally stable new life.
Men Stopping Violence
Men Stopping Violence works to end men's violence against women.
Native American Domestic Abuse Help-Mending the Sacred Hoop
Mending the Sacred Hoop is a Native American program that works towards the elimination of violence in the lives of women and their children by providing training and technical assistance to Alaskan Native and Tribal Nations.
Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel
This is a national advocacy group for victims of abuse committed by members of the military who are victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, child abuse, gay bashing, sexual harassment and more. The STAMP hotline number is (866/879-2568 or 937/879-2568).
Legal Support AISAOA

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